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About the Polytechnic of Rijeka

The Polytechnic of Rijeka was inaugurated in the academic year 1998/1999 with the fundamental mission of training highly educated experts oriented towards practice in order to apply independently professional and scientific methods that are specific to a particular area of education.

At the beginning two-year and three-year study programs were carried out, which gradually developed in accordance with the demands of the environment and labor market. Additional two year specialist professional graduate study programs have been established, as well.


Vision and Mission of the Polytechnic of Rijeka

The Polytechnic of Rijeka will be a center of excellence in dealing with highly professional and scientific work in the areas of technical, biotechnical and social sciences, providing high quality education services based on learning outcomes and the concept of lifelong learning. Active cooperation with the economic sector and participation in the European Higher Education Area and European Research Area will remain one of the main features of the Polytechnic of Rijeka in the future.
The fundamental mission of the Polytechnic of Rijeka is to educate experts with emphasis on a future profession focusing on practical experience and providing professional knowledge needed for a specific field of interest.
Training is carried out by organizing and conducting undergraduate professional and specialist graduate professional study programs and by running specific study programs in order to enable continuous training in specific areas.
Specific study programs aim at satisfying the needs for professional human resources of the economic sector and other subjects.



Ph.D. Saša Hirnig, 
College Professor, 
Dean of the Polytechnic of Rijeka

Ph.D. Ljerka Tomljenović,
Senior Lecturer,
Vice Dean for Academic Affairs


M.Sc. Marino Golob,
Senior Lecturer,
Vice Dean for Business Affairs 

Ph.D. Eda Ribarić Čučković,
Senior Lecturer,
Vice Dean for International Coopertation  


Polytechnic Management Structure

  • Management Committee
  • Professional Committee
  • Dean
  • Vice Dean for Academic Affairs
  • Vice Dean for Business Affairs
  • Vice Dean for International Cooperation
  • Dean’s Executive Assistant


Departments at the Polytechnic of Rijeka

At the Polytechnic classes are held within 9 undergraduate professional study programs and 5 specialist graduate professional study programs. These are structured and run within 4 departments and two independent study programs:

  • Transport Department
  • Business Department
  • Occupational Safety Department
  • Agricultural Department
  • Telematics
  • Sustainable Agritourism

​The majority of study programs are carried out at the Polytechnic of Rijeka headquarters and partly at locations in Poreč and Pazin.