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Head of Department 
Ph.D. Ivana Dminić Rojnić, College Professor


The Polytechnic of Rijeka carries out at the Agricultural Department, which is located in Poreč, study programs in the biotechnical field. The Department offers two first-level and one second-level study program.

By meeting the requirements of the undergraduate professional study program of Winemaking and Mediterranean Agriculture, students are qualified to start off with their professional careers.

By fulfilling the requirements of the undergraduate professional study program of the Agricultural Department and gaining 180 ECTS credits, students obtain one of the following professional titles:

  • Professional Bachelor of Enology
  • Professional Bachelor of Mediterranean Agriculture

Also, students can obtain higher levels of training by enrolling into the specialist graduate professional study program of Winemaking. 

By meeting the requirements of the specialist graduate professional study program of Winemaking and gaining the total amount of 300 ECTS credits (180 + 120 ECTS credits), students obtain the professional title:

  • Professional Specialist of Winemaking

Study programs of the Agricultural Department are run as full-time and part-ime in Poreč.

Agricultural Department Programs - the Structure of Professional Study Programs

The undergraduate professional study program of Winemaking aims at training experts to manage agricultural estates, especially in the area of wine production with the goal of achieving optimal effects and preserving natural resources at the same time. The study program provides the necessary theoretical knowledge and by receiving on-the-job training during educatio, the student masters the techniques and technology of producing grapes and wine, as well as the principles of managing agricultural estates.

Learning outcomes

The undergraduate professional study program of Mediterranean Agriculture - aims at training experts for complete management of agricultural estates in Mediterranean climate conditions. The gained knowledge ensures flexibility in different technological and business situations and the successful management of family farms in terms of small and middle-sized companies in the Mediterranean basin in conditions of rapid technology development.

Learning outcomes

The specialist graduate professional study program of Winemaking ensures knowledge to enter business processes successfully and provides specific theoretical and practical knowledge to acquire new technologies and knowledge and develops moral and ethical  principles  in  terms  of  product  quality,  environment  protection  and preservation of natural resources. The study program is adjusted to the needs of agroindustry with a focus on creating an expert in the wine production process, special wines and other grape and wine products, with all professional and moral characteristics, which are necessary for such a noble profession.

Learning outcomes

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