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Students’ organization “Student Committee” consists of all students in undergraduate professional and specialist graduate professional study programs at the Polytechnic of Rijeka. Student representatives are members of professional bodies of the Polytechnic and, thus, students participate in the management at the level of Departments and Institution. Accommodation and meals for students at the Polytechnic of Rijeka and come from other towns and counties are in charge of “Student center” in Rijeka, which offers their services to students of the University and Polytechnic under the same conditions by cofinancing expenses on behalf of the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports. Besides the library and the reading room, in the main building of the Polytechnic of Rijeka students have at their disposal a room equipped with computers to do research, write theses, etc.

Alumni Veleri

The association of graduated students of the Polytechnic of Rijeka “Alumni Veleri” operates in order to strengthen cooperation with students who have successfully graduated from one of the study programs at the Polytechnic of Rijeka. Thus, through better cooperation with graduated students of the Polytechnic of Rijeka, there is additional feedback from the economic sector and more support for the modernization and revision of the current study programs, as well as possible suggestions for new ones. The members of the Alumni get a chance to participate in additional professional training, exchange of experiences and specific, specialized teaching activities as guest lecturers.