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Head of Telematics
Andrea Andrijašević, PhD, Lecturer


The synonym for telematics is also ICT which stands for Information and Communications Technology.

With respect to ICT, the emphasis of the study program is on developing a hardware and software base to provide information services of higher level, whose design and implementation is in the focus of interest of our professional and specialist study program of Information Science.

Due to the fact that familiarity with the equipment and hardware is essential for every engineer, the undergraduate professional study program of Telematics pays special attention to hands-on experience with the equipment in our laboratory.

In the laboratory students (besides getting familiar with the basics of electrical engineering, electronics and measurement) have a possibility to work in small groups and relaxed atmosphere with network switches (Cisco, D-link, Planet), routers, servers, industrial computers and modern industrial processes, in their own computer network, optic fiber and carbon fiber network cables, devices for permanent supply, robots (Lego, Mindstorms, Velleman), development platforms such as Arduino, Raspberry Pi, BeagleBoard, PLC-s (Siemens), RTU-s (Moxxa) and the equipment to simulate optical networks.

Besides the laboratory, students are familiarized with the development of mobile applications, webpages and a series of other parts of programming knowledge on practical projects and independent tasks. The student who is at the end of the study program can enclose in his/her CV a list of projects on which he/she has worked on and showed enthusiasm during the program, which guarantees advantage in the labor market.

Students who meet the requirements of the three year undergraduate professional study program of Telematics can even continue their education at the Polytechnic of Rijeka and compete directly to enroll into the Specialist Graduate Professional Study Program of Information Science and Technology in Business Enterprises.

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